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Neopol's Red smoker by J&R

Neopol's Red smoker (by J&R)

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8 Responses to “your comments”

  1. Maarten says:

    Just had a Salmon B.L.T. Utterly delicious! The combination of tastes easily beats every ‘normal’ B.L.T. I have had.

  2. Annie says:

    Worth the drive from Harford County!!

  3. Dave says:

    Had lunch here for the first time today. Andouille Mac N’Cheese and TLT were both great. Try the cardomom lemonade – really wonderful and unexpected!

  4. Alicia Johnson says:

    I purchased the smoked salmon salad and the shrimp salad (thanks for the recommendation Dorian) this past weekend with the thought of pairing them with bread or crackers and tomatoes at home. The shrimp salad didn’t last to see the end of the 30 minute ride. Absolutely Delicious!! I’m rationing the smoked salmon salad. Love your food, looking forward to trying other items.

  5. Lisa says:

    I have what I call a healthy addiction to your smoked salmon. And the smoked salmon BLT is my achilles heel. I was so sad today to stop in and treat myself to one only to get home to a BLT. I guess in the rush of making the sandwich on a busy day it just got overlooked. And while your BLT is tasty, it is no smoked salmon BLT. Just wanted to let you know, T=thanks for listening!

  6. Dorian says:

    Oh no! We’re so sorry! How did we overlook the most important ingredient! Please let us know which location you were at and I’ll let the staff know to treat you to a sandwich (WITH salmon) on us. Thanks!

  7. Barbara L. says:

    I bought peppercorn salmon at the Waverly Farmers Market yesterday. It’s the best smoked fish we’ve ever had! We’re hooked and can’t wait to try more varieties!

  8. My organization recently purchased a few platters from Neopol for a small event. We knew what items we were interested in purchasing and were on a strict budget. The staff at Neopol were incredibly helpful and worked with us to pull together custom platters with the items we requested, for a party of our size, and within budget. Not only were the platters beautifully prepared the food was delicious! Thank you for the great customer service and the wonderful food!

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